Putting a New Face on Alzheimer’s

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CaregivingWhen Cathy Greenblat was in her 20s, her grandmother and grandfather had Alzheimer’s. “I bought society’s message that nothing could be done but keep them safe,” she says. Years later, when Greenblat’s mother developed the disease, she realized that lots more could be done. The former Rutgers University sociology professor began to see Alzheimer’s through a different lens — her camera — when her mother was in a memory care facility. Greenblat saw quality care in a place brimming with …

R.I.P. One Life to Live…Why You Don’t Mess With People’s Soaps

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EntertainmentWell, I’m sorry to see One Life to Live is getting the axe from ABC after all these years, but I must confess I feel a tinge of satisfaction because of what that show did to me 35 years ago. Not that I’m one to hold a grudge, but still… You see, I became quite hooked on OLTL near the end of my junior year in college. I’d been married that May, and while my bride Cindy was out earning …