Make Reaching a Little Easier: Strength and Dexterity Solutions

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Great PlacesHave you taken a good look around your home to see if it will accommodate the changes your body will likely go through as it ages? Have you done a similar scan at the home of an older relative or friend where you might be helping out? It’s not a bad idea. We make sure our homes are protected and we’re vigilant about making them safe for children. Why not make them more comfortable and convenient to accommodate the normal …

Simple Solutions for Vision Changes: Lighting Design Ideas

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Great PlacesAt some point, many of us will find that the house that once fit us so perfectly no longer does. Maybe it’s the stairs or the bathtub or the carpet or the lighting. But, given that most of us would prefer to remain in our homes rather than move, it makes sense to change our homes to accommodate these changing needs. The Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence has ideas to help you create a living space that works well …

Enhance Your Living Space: Modern Design Ideas

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Great PlacesWhen we think about whether we fit our homes, often what comes to mind is whether our things — such as furniture, hobbies and stuff — will fit into the home. But we can also consider whether our home fits us — our needs, our desire to live comfortably, our ability to move around the space conveniently, and our capacity to accommodate any temporary limitations we may experience. Ask yourself: Is my home comfortable, convenient and safe for all members …