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De-Age Your Eyebrows!

Posted on 10/10/2012 by |Beauty | Comments

Beauty & FashionWhile Mona Lisa’s famous brow-less look is probably due to paint erosion, not plucking-gone-wild or a medical issue, what about us? We’re stuck at 50 with weird tadpole or comma-shaped curves, skinny arcs and skimpy brows that never grew back; affectionately referred to as “bad brows.” And let us not forget those long wild and wiry hairs  or greying brows either. “Good brows” can make us look more youthful. They’re full and elongated – and you can get them, with …

Get Age-Denying Eyes

Posted on 08/14/2012 by |Beauty | Comments

Beauty & FashionAfter 50, all women have a get-back list. We want to get back our thick hair (and toss the shelf of volumizers),we want to get back  our former bodies (and go Spanx-less), we want to get back toned arms and do the wave in sleeveless tops at concerts and stadiums (without underarm jiggle). But most of all we want back our  firm, wide-awake eyes. Big challenge? Not if you do three things. BOOK A SYRINGE DAY AT THE DERMATOLOGIST. Even …