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The Takeaway: Boomers Adjust to New Retirement Realities; Salt Study Questions Wisdom Of Cutting Back

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Bulletin TodayThe percentage of boomers—73 percent—planning to postpone retirement longer than they thought has risen six percent since just this past spring. And new research shows that though cutting back on salt does lower blood pressure, it could increase other heart disease risk factors.

A Few Tuesday Health Tips

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Personal HealthI’m always on the lookout for what the latest studies show in terms of how to stay healthy, how to lose weight, how to boost your metabolism… and if you read any news at all, you’re bound to find at least one of those stories every day. Sometimes, studies seem like they were unnecessary (Study Shows Exercise Helps You Shed Pounds!), but the one that is all over the news today may actually provide some good advice – and make …

Another reason to get – and stay – active!

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Personal HealthIn the New York Times online today, there is a story on a recent study that found that strength training actually helps older women (aged 65-75) sharpen their minds – as well as their muscles! A win-win! The findings are particularly important, since older women are less likely to do strength training, one researcher said, and strength training can promote bone health. One other health note to take: it looks like reducing your sodium intake – even by a half …