Salvador Dali

Trivia Countown! Six Days to Movies for Grownups on Turner Classic Movies

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EntertainmentI’m counting down the days until May 15, the night I get to introduce four great Movies for Grownups with Robert Osborne on TCM. Here’s today’s trivia bit about one of the movies we’re showing: Most film fans know that Gregory Peck’s spooky dream sequence in Alfred Hitchcock’s Spellbound was designed by the surreal artist Salvador Dali. It’s unforgettable as-is, but costar Ingrid Bergman later said the scene was originally planned to run for 20 minutes. Production stills show one …

LeRoy Neiman, the ‘Salvador Dali of Sports’

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LegacyWhen an ex-GI named LeRoy Neiman was trying to teach himself to paint in the late 1940s by studiously copying prints from books he checked out of the public library, the aspiring artist came to be fascinated with the work of French painter Paul Cézanne, whose daring experiments with color and brushstrokes helped create Modernism. But ultimately, Neiman — who achieved fame with riotously colorful portraits of athletes and sporting events — instead came to emulate another less lofty artist. …