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The Takeaway: Boomers Face Medicare Changes In 2012; Double-Duty Care Stresses Sandwich Generation

Posted on 01/2/2012 by |Brooklyn, NY | Comments

Bulletin TodayScratch the surface of all the partisan rhetoric, and Medicare policy prescriptions from leading Democrats and Republicans don’t really look so different. And the 1.5 million boomers a year signing up for Medicare will be at the forefront of any policy changes.

The Takeaway: Sexting; Sandwich Generation; Olive Oil

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Bulletin TodayUpdated: Anthony Weiner, right, resigns. Why is this news in this space? People over 50 are sexting more often than you think. While it may not be in the same manner as the former New York Congressman – many are doing it to keep things spicy with their spouses and partners – it is happening.