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Stay Hydrated Sure, But Why Are We Paying for Filtered Tap Water?

Posted on 07/31/2012 by |AARP Blog Author | Comments

Personal HealthTalk about the miracle of brilliant marketing: Did you know most bottled water is actually filtered municipal water? Put it in a pretty bottle, throw on a sexy label and mention something about a mountain spring, and we’re willing to shell out  2000 times the amount of money it costs for something we could get virtually free (from whence it came to begin with!) Eee-gads have we been hoodwinked! I know, I know, there is something to be said for the convenience …

The Takeaway: Future 401(k)s Will Look More Like Old-School Pensions

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Bulletin TodayMore 401(k) plan sponsors are offering to pay benefits in a form that guarantees a set level of monthly income, regardless of how long you live. And more employers are beginning to offer these plans, Time’s Dan Kadlec reports. “Before long your 401(k) may look a lot more like your dad’s pension,” writes Kadlec. That’s a good thing. Traditional pensions that pay a set monthly income to retirees, based on their wages and length of service, were once the foundation of retirement. Along with …

Winners Show Off Frugality in AARP Savings Challenge

Posted on 05/14/2012 by |The Ultimate Cheapskate | Comments

Money & SavingsOnce or twice a year for the past four years I’ve had the pleasure of hosting an online “Savings Challenge” here on the AARP website. Members of the Savings Challenge group – now more than 5,000 strong – compete in weekly challenges throughout the month-long contest, and then three overall winners are selected at the end of the Challenge. Savings Challenges are one of the true highlights of my year. I get a sort of cheapskate high during them, like …

The Takeaway: Saving for Retirement? Why Not to Think Big Picture

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Bulletin TodayWhen it comes to saving enough for retirement, it’s important to keep the big picture in mind, right? Wrong, say researchers from Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research; the href=”,0,1799363.story”>best strategy is to think in small, concrete steps.

Turn Your Car Payment Into a Savings Strategy

Posted on 03/5/2012 by |The Ultimate Cheapskate | Comments

Money & SavingsI noticed an interesting article from the Detroit Free Press about a trend that doesn’t bode well for the auto industry, but speaks to America’s new frugality. It also reminded me of an old cheapskate tip for building your savings or retirement accounts in relatively painless fashion. The article discussed new research by the Michigan-based firm R.L. Polk that shows that Americans who buy new cars are now keeping those cars for almost six years. Having never bought a new car …

The Takeaway: Boomers Could Be the Last 401(k) Generation

Posted on 03/1/2012 by |Brooklyn, NY | Comments

Bulletin Today401(k) plans were supposed to fill in the gap left by the decline of traditional pensions. But retirement experts largely agree that the 401(k) plan has been sort of a failure.