A Simple Income Disclosure Makes Retirement Planning Easier

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Public Policy InstituteHow much in retirement savings do I need for a secure retirement? Is $100,000 enough? How about $700,000? Even more importantly, how much monthly income can I count on those savings providing to supplement my Social Security benefits?  These are questions most of us have no idea how to answer.   A soon-to-be-proposed regulation from the Department of Labor should help. It would require that statements from 401(k)-type accounts provide an estimate of monthly retirement income from savings in the …

Life@50+ Is a Sure Winner

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Money & SavingsI’ve never been a gambler, but I just returned from Las Vegas where a $25 bet netted people a big-time jackpot. No, I didn’t temporarily lose my miserly mind in the heat of the Nevada desert and roll the dice in some swanky Vegas casino. I’m way too cheap to tell people to throw away good money like that. I’m talking about a mere $25 for the cost of admission to the three-day AARP Life @50+ National Event held at …

Boom and Gloom

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Money & SavingsI learned  that Baby Boomers are riddled with anxiety about whether they’ll be financially secure when they retire, and they’re less than pleased with our political leaders’ response. A new Anxiety Index, created by AARP through a series of surveys, measures what non-retired Baby Boomer voters age 50-64 worry about. This concern overrides even their worry about health expenses, jobs, or paying too much in taxes. Almost three in four (72%) believe they will have to delay retirement, and almost …

Thinking About Retirement Pays Off at Any Age

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WorkWhen you hear the “R” word, what comes to mind? Your perspective on retirement planning depends on a lot of things, including your age bracket. If you’re 50+, you might say: “What retirement? My IRA has taken a huge hit, and now I’ll have to work way past 65.” Or, “I’m so behind I don’t even know where to start. I hope Social Security is there when I need it, but I’m worried.” A 40-something might say: “Retirement? We’re down …

Gift Wrapping, Cheapskate Style

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Money & SavingsDid you know that we spend about $2.9 billion every year on gift wrapping paper and supplies according to Hallmark? And of course most of it ends up being throw way after the holidays, which is one reason why between Thanksgiving and New Year’s we generate an extra one million tons of garbage every week. Consider these creative gift wrapping alternatives to save some cash and tread a little lighter on the environment this holiday season: Wrapping gifts in the colorful …

4 Frugal Foods to Stock Up on This Thanksgiving…or Right After

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Money & Savings“You must be cooking two Thanksgiving dinners, huh?” the supermarket cashier said to me. I hadn’t realized it, but my groceries marching down the conveyor belt did look like a parade headed toward Noah’s ark:  two bags of sweet potatoes, two sacks of cranberries, two frozen turkeys, two bags of onions. “No, just stocking up,” I said, wondering to myself if I’d forgotten the creamed corn. Or maybe that was the unicorn?