With the Aid of Science! News Roundup

Posted on 08/31/2012 by |AARP Blog Author | Comments

Personal HealthBionic eyes, curing malaria and sweet, lovely chocolate. There’s a lot of cool and groundbreaking science and medical news that came out this week. Medical science was kind of awesome this week. Cyborg: A 54-year-old blind Australian woman was fitted with a bionic eye that stimulates her nervous system to allow her to see some light. While not actually vision, it does seem to be a good first step toward a better understanding of integrating technology with the nervous system. …

With the Aid of Science: Health News Roundup!

Posted on 08/24/2012 by |AARP Blog Author | Comments

Personal HealthThere’s been some cool medical and science stories that have cropped up this week. From a blood cell glucose sensor to a possible vaccine for heart disease, it’s been a pretty interesting week for some heavy topics. Digestible microchips! Of course there’s lots of stories and research out there. These are just a few that stood out. Let’s take a closer look: Your blood knows: Some folks have figured out how to make a blood cell into a chemical sensor …