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Does Google Owe You a ‘Right to Be Forgotten’?

Posted on 05/19/2014 by |News, Culture, Sights and Sounds | Comments

Bulletin Today | TechnologyYou might have grown up worrying that everything you did wrong would go on your “permanent record.” On May 13, the European Court of Justice ruled that Google, whose search engine is the permanent record of our digital lives, must remove links to information about Europeans at their request, if that information is “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant.” Europeans will have the opportunity we all might like: to clean up our personal Web search results and remove the bits …

Google for the 50+

Posted on 02/26/2010 by |Archived Contributor | Comments

TechnologyThis morning, perusing the news, I found this article in the Washington Post so interesting! It is about a web site – a “powered by Google” web search engine that was created particularly for the over 50 crowd! I just had to check it out. It was created by a high school junior from Maryland who watched her 80-year-old grandfather struggle when he tried to utilize the internet – he had a hard time seeing the small font, and …