From Lawyer to Chronicler of Jewish History

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Bulletin Today | Your LifeEthan Bensinger is a take-charge kind of guy. When he sees a need, he figures out how to take care of it. And while visiting relatives over the years at a Chicago home for Jewish refugees and Holocaust survivors, the retired immigration lawyer decided that the residents’ stories of struggle and resilience needed to be recorded for posterity. He did just that. He bought a video camera and recorded the remembrances of 30 people for the home’s archives. But Bensinger …

Zig Ziglar: 5 Pearls of Wisdom From the ‘Salesman’s Salesman’

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LegacyZig Ziglar was to success what Chuck Taylor was to basketball sneakers and what Chubby Checker was to The Twist. The motivational speaker and author, who died on Nov. 28 at age 86 in a suburb of Dallas, didn’t invent confidence-building aphorisms or the positive-thinking worldview that success comes more from will, determination and systematic effort than from privilege, genius or sheer luck. But Ziglar, the author of books such as Secrets of Closing the Sale, did more than build on the work …