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Why Would My Doctor Ask Me If I Climax During Sex?

Posted on 06/8/2012 by |Sex & Relationships | Comments

Home & Family | Personal HealthQ: My doctor asked me during an annual exam if I climax during intercourse. I thought it was a strange question but I couldn’t answer because I haven’t had sex in more than 25 years. I don’t recall any problems before unless I never have climaxed and didn’t know it. So why would she think I might not? If I choose to have a relationship at that level, should I see a doctor first? –S.C. Dr. Pepper Schwartz: I have …

Undersexed Because of a Complex?

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RelationshipsQ: I’m a 58-year-old widow who has been dating a man for nine months. He’s a wonderful person, affectionate and caring. He’s in extremely good health, has a dynamite body at 60. The problem is I feel we don’t have sex often enough, only twice a month. I know he has high testosterone levels and he never fails to get and keep an erection. When we do have sex it is the best I’ve ever had and he says the …

The Takeaway: Older Women More Sexually Satisfied Than Middle-Aged; Romney Takes Iowa

Posted on 01/4/2012 by |Brooklyn, NY | Comments

Bulletin TodayIn their younger days, boomers oft-accused the older generations of having a bad attitude toward sex. Try telling that now to the 80-year-old women who are more sexually satisfied than their 55-year-old counterparts.

Older Women Have High Rate of Undercover STD

Posted on 08/15/2011 by |Health | Comments

Personal HealthAs far as STDs go, most of us know the popular kids in the crowd: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes. And HPV? SO in right now. But one less well-known and generally under-screened STD is actually pretty common among women over 50: Trichomoniasis. In fact, a new study found that 13% of women over the age of 50 have the parasite that causes Trichomoniasis, or what many call “Trich” for short. While it’s usually asymptomatic in men, women can have plenty of …

Do It: Sex is Good for Your Health

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Personal HealthThere’s some truth to “Sexual Healing” beyond a catchy tune, according to Michael Castleman. He gives us a pretty compelling argument as to how sex can benefit our whole body health. Castleman goes over the more obvious benefits, like how it burns calories and helps you relax. But did you know sex can decrease your blood pressure? That’s right, a study in Europe showed that according to their findings, the higher the sexual frequency, the lower the blood pressure. Also, …