Reasons to Think Small for Holiday Shopping

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Money & SavingsYou’ve gotten countless flyers in the mail for “Black Friday.” But there’s another great way to score shopping deals and do good at the same time: Support local merchants and patronize stores and restaurants in your area on Small Business Saturday, November 24. In addition to finding unique gifts, you’re far more likely to get individual attention from people who know their merchandise inside and out and who want to earn customers for life. Small business owners also tend to …

Retirees, Do You Shop Differently?

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Money & SavingsI’ve been asking a lot of retirees recently, “Now that you’re retired, have your shopping habits changed and, if so, how?” My mom says that she and my dad have been shopping together more. “I always did all of the shopping, but now we almost always do it together,” she said. “It’s definitely been a change for both of us, but overall it’s worked out pretty well and we probably spend less because of it. It helps to have an extra pair of …

Score Great Fourth of July Deals

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Money & SavingsI love the July 4th holiday– picnics, parades, fireworks, and a chance to spend time with family and friends celebrating our nation’s independence. And it’s also a chance to do a little shopping and score some terrific deals, if you know where to look. Although summer isn’t known for being the best “bargain season” of the year, with consumer spending still sputtering along like a sparkler that turns out to be a dud, it looks like this year many retailers …

Last Minute Christmas: Big Music, No Wires

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TechnologyThe following is a guest blog from Steve Morgenstern, who frequently contributes technology content to AARP. You can read more from Steve here, and catch all his guest blogs here. For more and more of us, our phones hold all of our favorite music. But what about listening out loud, and sharing your tunes with others when you’re back home? A new wave of Bluetooth-equipped speaker systems from Bose, Aliph and Logitech makes it easy to fill the room with your phone-based …

Shopping for the Cheapskate Chef

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Money & SavingsEverybody in my family knows that I love to cook (cheapskate-style, of course).  So for holiday gifts, people often give me kitchen utensils or small cooking appliances.  Now, I love my family dearly and appreciate the thoughtfulness behind their gifts, but I like to keep things simple in my kitchen. I’m not big fan of novelty kitchen gadgets that just take up space. Do I really need a special tool to remove olive pits, AND another one to remove cherry pits? But …

Hey Cheapskates, What’s the Best Deal You’ve Scored?

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Money & SavingsIf you spend as much time hanging out with frugal folks as I do, you quickly realize a few things about them. First, they tend to be a pretty happy lot. I think that’s because they’re not all stressed out about money, like a lot of people these days. They usually live debt-free or close to it, and so they don’t have those worries like so many Americans.