Siblings, Gratitude and Aging Parents

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CaregivingWhether you’ve had a lifelong sibling rivalry or been the best of friends, sibling relationships can be very difficult to navigate when caring for an aging parent. I am in contact with many family caregivers, and I often hear about conflict between siblings around caregiving decisions and responsibilities. Some are at such odds that they either don’t communicate or have a great deal of trouble doing so. Others say that a simple expression of appreciation would go a long way …

3 Things Siblings Can Do to Care for a Parent

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Caregiving | Home & FamilyEditor’s note: The following is a guest post by Barry J. Jacobs, Psy.D., who specializes in helping families cope with serious and chronic medical illness. The brothers and sisters who file into my office have tight-lipped, apprehensive looks. They’ve voluntarily chosen to meet with me for a caregiving consultation in order to find a way to better coordinate their efforts to help an aging parent. But they’re afraid of what might happen once we begin talking: Will old rivalries and resentments rear their …

Elder Mediation Helps Quarreling Siblings Find Middle Ground

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Your LifeAs much as you may love your sibling(s), issues involving your aging parents often lead to arguments — and even sometimes serious altercations within the family. Check out AARP’s article on a new form of family problem-solving, elder mediation, that helps siblings see eye to eye when trying to figure out what’s best for their parents: At an impasse, the family turned to elder mediation. In this fast-growing field, a trained, neutral conflict-resolution professional–sometimes an attorney or therapist–meets with adult …