Casey Kasem: A Top 40 Controversy

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Bulletin TodayImagine that you are at the very top of your game. You have millions of fans. Your voice is heard around the world. Your children, grown-up now, are successful; you are happily married. And then you get sick. Suddenly, you have difficulty caring for yourself. And those you love start fighting over you. Sounds like the sad tale of a Top 40 song. But life imitates art, at least in the case of Casey Kasem, 81, the long-time host of …

When the Flu Strikes, Laughter Is the Best Medicine

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Personal HealthWhen you’re flat on your back with the flu, the ceiling becomes a blank slate on which you can write your thoughts.  Still bedbound on day five of what experts say is usually a three-day event (I would love to personally update these “experts”), I have moved on from feeling sorry for myself to thinking about the advantages of this dramatic interruption in my life’s reel. I found 10 benefits to offset the inconvenient and uncomfortable minuses: 1. You save …

Did You Get Your Flu Shot Yet?

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Personal HealthHave you gotten your flu shot? ‘Tis the season, it’s not over yet. This week is National Influenza Vaccination Week. You might think that if you haven’t gotten your vaccination by now that there’s no reason. You still should! A vaccination now can still help you against this season’s flu. According to the CDC, flu season usually peaks in February and can last until May. This is still plenty of time to get sick if you haven’t gotten your shot. …