How to Defeat Space Aliens: A Moviegoer’s Guide

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EntertainmentTheir scientific and technical know-how make the International Space Station look like a Tinkertoy (well, it actually does kinda look like a Tinkertoy…). Still, as Tom Cruise proves in his new movie, Oblivion, it is surprisingly easy to fight back against space aliens. These classic sci-fi flicks provide an excellent primer in last-line-of-defense strategies against invaders from beyond the stars:       Teach Them Yoga War of the Worlds (1953; 2005) With those spindly arms and legs, the bending …

Do You Know the Signs of a Heart Attack for Women?

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Personal HealthHeart disease, not breast cancer, is the number one killer of women. In fact, heart disease kills more women than the next seven most deadly diseases combined. Women sometimes fail to recognize a heart attack because their acute symptoms are different than those of men experiencing a heart attack. Severe chest pain may occur during a heart attack for both men and women, but women also report pain or discomfort in other areas of the body before or during a …

Garage Sale Gal, Lynda Hammond: Signs a Mystery

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Your LifeOkay, so let’s face it, going to garage sales isn’t brain surgery but finding them can sometimes be challenging. If garage sale signs aren’t placed just right then we might have to call on our maneuvering skills or we’ll be meandering aimlessly through neighborhoods searching for treasures. Where we put our signs is critical to throwing a successful sale. Julia Hooper found that out the hard way. “There were no other signs up when I put mine up so I …