Sleep Disorders More Common With Age

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Bulletin TodayIf your sleep quality feels like it’s worsening with age, you might not be dreaming: The older we get, the more we’re at risk for conditions such as insomnia, sleep apnea and snoring, doctors say. Such sleep disturbances won’t merely leave you groggy in the a.m. — they can also up your risk of developing hypertension, depression, heart disease and brain problems. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has even classified “insufficient sleep” as a public health epidemic.

Sleep and Stroke: Daytime Dozing Linked To Higher Risk

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthDo you typically nod off during the day? For older adults, that could be a sign of increased risk of stroke, a new study shows. Older adults in their 70s who unintentionally doze off during daytime activities  — for example, while reading, watching TV, sitting in a public place, or riding in a car or bus — have a three times greater risk of stroke than less sleepy seniors, New York and Florida researchers found. While problems like sleep apnea, …

Is 100 The New 50? Centenarians Advise Boomers

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthThose who have lived to be 100 have some advice for you young whipper-snappers in your 50s who want to reach the century mark: Sleep longer and eat a more healthful diet. That’s the finding from Unitedhealthcare’s annual “100@100 Survey,” which for the first time looked not only at the century-old group, but also at boomers age 50 to 55. As of 2010, the Census Bureau estimates there are 72,000 Americans who have lived 100 years or more. By 2050, …

Are Morning People Happier, Healthier Than Night Owls?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthMorning people: They’re so annoying. All perky and cheerful, bounding out of bed, talking too much, smiling, even — heaven forbid — humming. And now these irritating early birds have something else to be smug about — a happier, healthier life as they age. Amazing as it may be to those of us who start the day grumpy and groping for coffee, a new study suggests that as we age, we become morning people. Not only that, but older morning …

Sleep Less Than 6 Hours Nightly? It Could Hike Your Stroke Risk

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthHow many hours of sleep do you normally get each night? If it’s less than six, you could be significantly boosting your stroke risk. A new study found that among employed adults age 45 and older who were otherwise healthy and of normal weight, getting too little shut-eye appeared to more than quadruple their risk of stroke symptoms, reports The study, presented Monday at SLEEP 2012, the annual meeting of the nation’s sleep experts, followed 5,666 older adults for …

Memory Foam Mattress: Choosing Sleep Over Sex?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthWhich is more important to you, sleep or sex? That seems to be the choice if you’re considering (or have bought) one of those cushy, squishy, memory foam mattresses that have become wildly popular in the past eight years. A lengthy story in Barron’s finds that while the mattresses are good at supporting the body during sleep, they’re not so supportive of our sex lives. People commenting on Internet message boards complain about “lack of traction.” One mattress owner wrote, ”It’s …