Smartphone Smarts During Trade-In

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Money & SavingsThe typical cellphone user upgrades every 18 months. Trade-in programs like those recently announced by Apple and Walmart could spark even quicker stampedes for the latest-and-greatest models — with turned-in phones still full of personal data. “Most people consider a smartphone a communications device,” notes Adam Levin, former New Jersey Director of Consumer Affairs and founder of Identity Theft 911, a provider of identity management and breach-response services for businesses. “What many people don’t realize is that it’s a data …

The Best Apps of 2012 (50+ Edition)

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TechnologyMy life has become app centered.  In fact, I probably spend more time on my smartphone testing apps than most 20-somethings. I ask my friends, I ask the Internet, I ask my Twitter followers … and I download, tap and swipe away. All in the service of this blog. I must admit, I download a lot of toads before I find a prince.  So I offer these suggestions for my favorite apps of 2012 after extensive personal research. What apps …

App of the Week: Stop Waiting On Hold, Have ‘Em Call You

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TechnologyDo you hate waiting on hold for a customer service rep to answer the phone?   How about that phone tree navigation system that nearly every company uses?  Don’t you just want to scream “representative” to the recorded voice that isn’t listening? Oh yeah, there’s an app for that too. It’s called The app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire and Chrome.  As long as you have an internet connection and a phone, you are in business. …

“I’m a Baby Boomer and a Mom, And We Invented Technology.”

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TechnologyNot long ago I was at an app developer meetup, talking about baby boomers and what they want out of their gadgets and apps. “It’s important that we have easy to read fonts and 12 point type in apps,” I was explaining to a developer.  “The light fancy font young people use is very hard on our eyes.” No sooner had I finished my sentence when a young 20-something guy in scruffy jeans and t-shirt resembling the comic strip character …

Brain trainer app can be a smart friend

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TechnologyI have a new favorite friend; and if I’m smart I will make this friend my BFF. My new friend challenges my brain, and sometimes I’m a little embarrassed of the results.  But I know I need to keep engaging. My friend could help me stave off dementia and Alzheimer’s. My new friend is an app called Lumosity.  My friend also is a website that syncs with my app. Lumosity is a series of brain training games that you can …

State of the Baby Boomer: An Infographic

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TechnologyVia, a great roundup of the statistics about baby boomers out right now. Check out that stat about boomers’ mobile usage! We’re less encouraged by the unemployment number. What do you think? Does this look about right? ++ Click to Enlarge Image ++