The Takeaway: Debt Talks Cont’d.; Heat Wave

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Bulletin TodayStill far apart: Despite a looming deadline and mounting pressure to “get it done,” President Obama yesterday said he was not interested in any temporary “stopgap” solution to the debt ceiling problem.”That is just not an acceptable approach. So we might as well do it now. Pull off the Band-Aid.” Although the president wouldn’t get into specifics, it was clear that Social Security reforms are still on the bargaining table. … What happens if Congress fails to raise the debt …

Add to Your Retirement Stash, or Buy Now…How About an App for That?

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Money & SavingsYou’ve been saving for that new flat screen TV. Wise consumer that you are, comparing prices is a given. Now for a new twist on shopping around: what if you kept your current TV, took the cash you had planned to spend on the flat screen, and put it in your 401(k) instead?

America Wants the News

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TechnologyHere’s an article worth reading today from on a recent Pew study about how much time consumers are spending on news these days. (The fact that I got this story perusing USA Today’s website just furthers the point of the study!) The article and study say that consumers are consistently increasing their use of technology to get their news, and consequently are spending more time learning about what’s going on in the world. According to the survey, Americans are …

2010: The Year of Technology

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TechnologyHappy New Year! I had a very technological holiday season, with a new TV from St. Nick and a new smartphone as a gift from myself to myself… and I’m still learning the ropes of the “touch screen” and the ins and outs of “high definition.” If you got techy gifts from your savvy friends and family but can’t even get through the printed manual, check out yet another article on older Americans learning the language of technology – this …

Making Technology Friendly to Older Folks

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TechnologyThe LA Times has a piece about how older adults continue to become more adapted to technology like the internet, email and the like, but also how new technology is being created for older adults, and it goes beyond just computers gears towards older folks – like canes with accelerometers and gyroscopes. Very cool stuff, make sure to check it out. Also technology related, check out AARP’s primer on how to use smartphones.