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Why Sidewalks Matter

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Great PlacesPost by Melissa Stanton, AARP: It seems counterintuitive that heavy snows would make people appreciative of the sidewalks they’re shoveling, but some friends and colleagues are telling us that’s what has been happening this winter. Stay Informed: Sign up for the AARP Livable Communities Newsletter From Jeanne: “I had a nice encounter with a neighbor during all this snow.
 Sean and his family are new neighbors. This is their first winter in Northern Virginia. He has three daughters in elementary school …

Don’t Fall! Tips for Staying Safe in Icy Conditions

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthSlips and falls during the winter months are all too common, say the orthopedists who take care of all the bone breaks, muscle tears and sprains that happen this season. And now that the Northeast has been hammered with a monster storm, it’s even more important for older folks to be careful about falling or suffering injuries while shoveling snow. Keep in mind that 11,500 people are sent to the emergency room each year with snow-shoveling injuries, and those 55 …

Winter Kills: Even Mild Ones Cause More Deaths

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthIt doesn’t matter whether you spend winter shoveling snow in Massachusetts or walking on the beach in California, you’re more likely to die of heart-related issues in the winter months, a new study finds. Cardiac researchers with Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles reported this week that it’s not the climate that causes heart-related deaths to spike in the winter, it’s just the season. Basically, winter is bad for your heart. Compared to the summer months, people are 26 to …