Why Sidewalks Matter

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Great PlacesPost by Melissa Stanton, AARP: It seems counterintuitive that heavy snows would make people appreciative of the sidewalks they’re shoveling, but some friends and colleagues are telling us that’s what has been happening this winter. Stay Informed: Sign up for the AARP Livable Communities Newsletter From Jeanne: “I had a nice encounter with a neighbor during all this snow.
 Sean and his family are new neighbors. This is their first winter in Northern Virginia. He has three daughters in elementary school …

Smart Solutions to Cold-Weather Home Energy Problems

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Great PlacesGuest post by Claire Easley: With dropping temperatures and winter storms popping up across the country, homeowners may begin to notice energy troubles at home — high utility bills, drafty rooms, inconsistent temperatures inside the house and icicles hanging from the roof. For many homeowners, these problems appear to be the predictable consequences of cold temperatures. But in many cases, the problems are the result of a home’s energy systems. Fortunately, solutions are available, even for older homes. INDOOR PROBLEMS …

Killer Cold: How to Stay Safe, Warm

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthThis isn’t just cold, this is a life-threatening freeze that’s breaking decades-old records across a huge swath of the country. So far, 20 storm-related deaths have been reported, including three people in Chicago who died while shoveling snow. Called a “polar vortex,” for the whirlpool of bitterly cold air that has descended from Minnesota to Alabama, residents are being warned to stay indoors and take precautions if they need to venture outside. Even Southern states are bracing for record low …