The Takeaway: Boomers Adjust to New Retirement Realities; Salt Study Questions Wisdom Of Cutting Back

Posted on 11/10/2011 by |Brooklyn, NY | Comments

Bulletin TodayThe percentage of boomers—73 percent—planning to postpone retirement longer than they thought has risen six percent since just this past spring. And new research shows that though cutting back on salt does lower blood pressure, it could increase other heart disease risk factors.

The Takeaway: Majority of Older Americans Get Too Much Salt; Social Security COLA and the Working ‘Retired’

Posted on 10/21/2011 by |Brooklyn, NY | Comments

Bulletin TodayA new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says most Americans still consumer too much sodium, despite the fact that we should all know better. And the Social Security Administration has also bumped up the limits on the amount working ‘retirees’ can earn without seeing a cut in Social Security benefits