You’re Darn Right I’ve Earned a Say!

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Your LifeHappy Friday blog readers, Jenn here from the Illinois Communications Team,  following  up with you on how our Herb Kent event went…this week.  “You’re darn right I’ve earned a say” exclaimed one of our 350 participants as she walked through the door and picked up literature on Social Security and Medicare. What followed was a  lively listening session  held at Chicago State University and led by media broadcast legends Herb Kent, and Merri Dee, and AARP state director Bob Gallo. …

Simpson’s Social Security Panic Ignores Reality

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Media RelationsThis week former U.S. Senator Alan Simpson (R-WY) took to the airwaves of Fox News and Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart” to again deride AARP and attempt to instill panic about a solution to Social Security’s long term needs.  His comments willfully ignore what our members, volunteers, and hundreds of thousands of Americans have been involved in across the nation since March: a conversation on the future of Social Security and Medicare called “You’ve Earned a Say.” The reason Simpson gave …