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This Week in Boomer History: G.I. Joe … People Magazine … Rodney King

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PoliticsNotable events from our shared experience Speeding on March 3, 1991, leads to a high-speed Los Angeles police chase for Rodney King and ends with a severe beating that is videotaped. When three of the officers are acquitted of charges a year later, riots break out in South Los Angeles. Mia Farrow appears as The Great Gatsby’s Daisy Buchanan on the cover of People Magazine’s premier issue, dated March 4, 1974. Other notables in the issue: Marina Oswald, Gloria Vanderbilt …

Steuart Pittman: 5 Facts About the Man Behind Fallout Shelters

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Bulletin TodayIn 1961, a Washington lawyer named Steuart Pittman was tapped by President John F. Kennedy’s administration for a singularly unpleasant job: getting Americans to prepare for a nuclear Armageddon. As assistant secretary of defense, Pittman was in charge of the nation’s civil defense program. He headed a crash effort, ordered by JFK, to build fallout shelters across the nation to protect the nation’s population against Soviet missiles and bombers. It was a scary time, given escalating tensions between the United …