Medicare Spam Increases 10-Fold

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsDuring Medicare Open Enrollment,  which started Oct. 15 and runs through Dec. 7, there’s usually an uptick in online spam pitching supplemental plans. But this year, it’s gone epidemic — with a 10-fold increase compared to recent months in these always annoying and sometimes risky offers, reports messaging security firm Cloudmark. >> Sign up for the AARP Money newsletter The reason may go beyond just the calendar: It looks like spammers are exploiting confusion over the Affordable Care Act – and how it …

My Grandparents’ Mailbox Was Out of Control!

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Your LifeHello, everyone! It’s Jenn from the Illinois Communications team. I’d like to share an experience that I recently had. The deeper into it I got the more perturbed I became. About a month ago I became a caregiver for my grandparents. (Best grandparents ever, BTW.) Due to some recent health and memory issues they decided it was time to move into a pretty posh assisted living facility in their home town (I’d love to move in too! Hello WiFi, whirlpool, …