The Takeaway: Americans Okay With Their Overspending

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Bulletin TodayIt seems a lot of Americans are okay with spending beyond their means from time to time. A new survey conducted by COUNTRY Financial found 52 percent of respondents periodically spend more than they earn in a given month. Yet only 9 percent believe their lifestyle is more than they can afford.

The B Word, the Ultimate Holiday Buzz Killer

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Your LifeI hate the “B” word, no not blonde, since I hear those jokes all the time. BUDGET….it is just like nails running down a chalkboard for me to even think about, much less have to act upon.   However, at this time of year the man I sleep with always reminds me to stay within a budget. He usually brings up the subject every December  when I am in a slight panic that I have not finished my shopping. He …

Secrets of Outsmarting the ATM

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Money & SavingsI still remember how proud I was to open my first checking account. Even better: getting my work permit when I turned 16, and then going to the grocery store and saying, “I’d like to cash a check.” Pre-ATM days required some planning. Omnipresent ATMs make it easy to grab $20, but it’s the classic case of both blessing and curse. Personal finance writer Donna Freedman clearly believes that curse is more accurate — and for more reasons than you’d …

New Study: Nearly Half of Boomers Not Ready for Retirement

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Money & SavingsThink you might be ready for retirement? Think again. A new report has found that nearly half of boomers ages 56 to 62 are still at a risk of not having income to say goodbye to work and settle down in retirement, with not enough money to pay for even basic expenses. So what to do? This AARP piece gives you some suggestions on how to build your nest egg. The first tip: Reduce spending. Most of us spend too …

December Already…

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Money & SavingsWe’ve made it to the last month of 2009 – can you believe it? You’ll be happy to know that my Thanksgiving road trip went smoothly and I was home with plenty of time to spare for Thanksgiving breakfast. And now on to holiday shopping and preparing for the holiday season! My mission this month is to get the perfect gifts for my friends and family without breaking the bank…I’ll keep you updated on my progress. Here are a few …

Hey Big Spenders

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Money & SavingsBaby boomers spend more on themselves than millennials and Gen Xers AND they thrive on multigenerational purchases!