Here’s One Athletic Feat Where Your Age Is an Advantage

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthOne reason that golf is a great lifetime sport is that you don’t have to finish first in a tournament or even finish with the best score in your regular foursome to be a winner. You just have to beat or tie your ultimate competitor: your own age. Sid Beckwith made that point on July 19, when he celebrated his 95th birthday by shooting a 95 for 18 holes at Gardiner’s Bay Country Club in Shelter Island Heights, N.Y. As …

Stickball Hall of Fame Celebrates ‘Poor Man’s Baseball’

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Bulletin TodayTwo weeks before the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Class of 2013 is inducted in Cooperstown, N.Y., six athletes celebrated their own Hall of Fame inductions with a game of stickball, baseball’s scrappy, streetwise cousin. Veteran players gathered in an East Harlem schoolyard on July 12 to play the classic neighborhood sport, where broomsticks and manhole covers take the place of bats and bases. Another departure from baseball: Hall of Fame induction is based on bragging rights, not statistics. Stickball’s popularity …

Pat Summerall: 10 Facts About the Iconic Sportscaster

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LegacyPat Summerall, who died on April 16 at age 82 in Dallas, achieved what in some ways is the ultimate accomplishment for an athlete-slash-broadcaster. He was so good in the booth at NFL games that a couple of generations of fans probably never realized that he’d gotten his start down on the field. In fact, the Florida native had a pretty respectable NFL career as a placekicker and two-way end from 1952 to 1961, mostly with the Chicago Cardinals and New …

Iditarod Winner Joins Ranks of 50+ Sports Champions

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Bulletin TodayOn March 12, 53-year-old Mitch Seavey became the oldest winner of the Iditarod Trail Dog Race in the event’s history, completing the arduous 1,000-mile dog-sled competition in nine days, seven hours and 39 minutes. Seavey won a $50,000 cash prize and a new pickup truck, in addition to securing a spot on the corner of the sports pantheon reserved for 50-and-older champions. Here are a few other members of that exclusive club: Sam Snead. The golf legend became the oldest ever …

Senior Olympics Recruiting for 2013 Games

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Bulletin TodayAs the Summer 2012 Olympics in London continue to draw the world’s attention, Mike Sophia is already focused on summer 2013. That’s when the National Senior Games — aka the “Senior Olympics” — will take place, and Sophia is already lining up older athletes to compete in what he expects to be a record-breaking event.

Trove of Rare Baseball Cards Brings Back Sweet Memories

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Your LifeWell, that settles it. No mom will ever be able to throw away her kid’s baseball card collection again. I mean, how could she — after the news broke yesterday of a trove of rare cards, from the early 20th century and found in an Ohio attic, that could fetch up to $3 million? The news reports brought back memories of what I, and every kid I knew, said when we moved out of our parents’ house after high school: …