Why You May Need to Learn the Squat

Posted on 09/2/2013 by |Best of Everything After 50 | Comments

Beauty & FashionAfter turning 50, I noticed that my hips, thighs and other areas ‘below the belt’ were getting a bit too broad. More importantly, my bone density test showed that I was slowly but surely losing strength in my lower body as well. Not good! Motivated by wanting to look terrific in my new jeans and the desire to keep osteoporosis far, far away, I embarked on a life-changing fitness program. It incorporates the ‘three pillars’ of overall fitness: cardio, strength-training …

Summer Shape-Up in 15 Minutes a Day? Check This Out!

Posted on 06/10/2013 by |Best of Everything After 50 | Comments

Beauty & FashionDid you just realize that summer is around the corner and you haven’t done a single one of those “New Year’s Resolutions” to get more fit? You’re not alone. But here’s the good news: it’s not too late! If you can commit to 15 minutes every single day for four weeks, I can guarantee you will be on your way to a better and stronger body by the Fourth of July, no matter what your age. A few years ago …