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Trails Are for Recreation and Transportation!

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Great PlacesWhen people use trails for recreation, exercise or transportation, they improve their health by lowering their risk for heart and weight-related problems. Regular walking or bicycling also has been shown to be very beneficial to mental health, reducing stress and combating depression. Many of the trips Americans take are very short. More than a quarter of trips are within a 20-minute walk and half are within a 20-minute bicycle ride. Often the barrier to walking or bicycling is not distance, …

Now Read This!: Maya & Lady & Maya

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EntertainmentMidrash, or the rabbinical interpretation of Old Testament writings, repeats certain phrases and scenes as a way to help the devout learn sacred texts. The technique may help explain why Maya Angelou seems to be repeating herself throughout her new memoir, Mom & Me & Mom. Before you unleash your outraged cries, I mean to say only that we’ve met these Moms before: One is Angelou’s fascinating and complicated mother, Vivian “Lady” Baxter, a figure well known to readers of her searing …

Be like a Boy Scout and “Be Prepared.”

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VolunteeringThe Boy Scouts had it right. Their motto is “be prepared” and if the St. Louis tornado Friday taught us anything, it’s to try and always heed this warning. The tornado was the strongest the area had seen in 44 years. Its 200 mph winds leveled houses and destroyed the roof of the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Thankfully no one was killed in its  22 mile path. But the disaster is a reminder that not only is hurricane season soon …