Could Fast Food With A Side Of Statins Be Next?

Should you be able to get a free statin pill for your cholesterol when you order that big, fat cheeseburger and fries at Mickey D’s or  some other fast food joint? Absolutely, say British researchers.  Statins are safe, cheap — why, the fast food giants could give them away free, like they do ketchup packets for your fries, to help protect customers’ heart health, they wrote. The British idea, presented in a paper last year from Imperial College London, surfaced again when …

The Takeaway: Cigarette Labels; COLA; Emergency HUD Loans

Will the new cigarette labels stop you from smoking? The federal government unveiled nine graphic images that appear on all cigarette packs and ads as part of a powerful new warning strategy. What do you think? Are the new labels more “fear factor” than effective? Something else to consider: Smoking linked to more aggressive prostate cancer.