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Reduce Air Conditioning Costs, Electric Bills

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Home & Family | Money & SavingsMy grandfather would have loved the heat wave we’re having, if for no other reason than it would give him cause to unleash his endless arsenal of “It’s hotter than…” sayings. You know, “It’s hotter than a firecracker lit on both ends.” Or, “It’s hotter than the devil dancing in frying pan.” Or even, “hotter than a billy goat in pepper patch,” which I guess would be pretty hot, although admittedly some of Gramps’ sayings translated better than others between …

More reasons to go outside!

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Personal HealthAt this time of year, all I can seem to think about is getting outside and enjoying the summer while it lasts! This article from the New York Times online just gave me one more reason to want to get out. According to the article and studies done around the world recently, being outside amongst nature, especially trees and plants, may have some amazing health benefits – the most amazing being an increased immune function! I can personally attest to …

Stay Cool This Summer!

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Personal HealthWhile everyone is thrilled that it’s finally summer, it’s not as dandy as a lot of older folks will begin to fall ill from the heat. We can’t forget that heat can cause serious health problems for older adults. We have some tips on how you can beat the heat: Relax and put off chores and any strenuous activity. Stay indoors during the hottest times of the day. Close your shades to keep out the sunshine. If you do not …