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A Gift to the Nation — Tables, Chairs, a Priceless Legacy of Art

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EntertainmentLinda Kaufman, and her late husband George Kaufman grew up in Norfolk, Va. So did their parents. The Kaufmans developed a passion for collecting early American furniture of the 18th and early 19th centuries, much of which she has promised to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Mrs. Kaufman modestly calls her collection  “some tables and chairs” but the National Gallery of Art, which will house and display them, brags that the pieces comprise “one of the largest …

Healthy Habits!

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Personal HealthI always love finding stories and advice like this from a reputable source – this time from CNN and Check out this article about 10 different “guilty” pleasures that might actually be good for your health! So don’t feel guilty about doing them! A couple of my favorites include getting your ZZZs, having a girls’ night out, choosing the “full fat” dressing for that lunch salad, and basking in the sun – something I’ve been taking very seriously this …

Who’s Turning 100?

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Your LifeRemember the smash hit Titanic from James Cameron in 1997? How many times did you see it in the theater? – and can you believe it’s been so long since you did? Well, check out this milestone that the LA Times reports: Gloria Stuart (who played the elder Rose in the movie) turned 100 this weekend! She celebrated with James Cameron and more than 100 other guests at a soiree in Beverly Hills. This birthday milestone got me thinking that …

More reasons to go outside!

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Personal HealthAt this time of year, all I can seem to think about is getting outside and enjoying the summer while it lasts! This article from the New York Times online just gave me one more reason to want to get out. According to the article and studies done around the world recently, being outside amongst nature, especially trees and plants, may have some amazing health benefits – the most amazing being an increased immune function! I can personally attest to …

Blogging for Brain Power

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Personal HealthA new study shows that reading ShAARP Session is good for your health!

Don’t Forget to Take Your Vitamins!

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Personal HealthThe New York Times reported on a new study showing that a lack of vitamin B12 intake can result in brain shrinkage for older adults.