Getting Intimate With Herpes

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RelationshipsQ: I’ve had herpes for the past 20 years. Now, whenever I tell a woman about it (before we become intimate, of course) I’m met with rejection. Are there any safe sites to find partners with herpes? By the way, I don’t like using condoms. Dr. Pepper Schwartz: Yes, if you go online you will find sites that help people with herpes find each other. Just Google “herpes and sexual partners” or “herpes communities.” However, many people who have herpes …

Safer Sex for Seniors

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RelationshipsFinally! A sexual health public service announcement (PSA) that is about older people, for older people, and not so vanilla that it makes me feel that its creators were really squeamish about the whole idea of people having sex in their 70s. Not that I don’t find the your everyday erectile dysfunction commercial of two people watching the sunset from the iron separation of their two bathtubs erotic (I am being sarcastic here). Those ads limit the couple’s touch to handholding …

Older Women Have High Rate of Undercover STD

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Personal HealthAs far as STDs go, most of us know the popular kids in the crowd: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes. And HPV? SO in right now. But one less well-known and generally under-screened STD is actually pretty common among women over 50: Trichomoniasis. In fact, a new study found that 13% of women over the age of 50 have the parasite that causes Trichomoniasis, or what many call “Trich” for short. While it’s usually asymptomatic in men, women can have plenty of …