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Evvie Heilbrunn: Climbing for a Cause

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Bulletin Today | Your LifeEvvie Heilbrunn is no shrinking violet. Four days a week the two-time breast cancer survivor hikes at least two hours or works out on a treadmill or elliptical machine. She sweats it out with a personal trainer another two days. And did I mention that she has Parkinson’s disease and will climb Mount Everest this fall? Heilbrunn, 57, of Great Falls, Va., will travel to Nepal in October with other Parkinson’s patients from the Scripps Clinic and Research Institute in …

Is Your Waistline a Stem Cell Warehouse?

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthIf you’ve ever so much as considered liposuction, it’s probably because you want to look more buff. (That is, unless you’re Miami avant-garde performance artist Orestes De La Paz, who made some of his adipose tissue into soap.) Now there may be an additional reason to have excess fat surgically suctioned from your body: The unsightly stuff turns out to be a rich source of stem cells. Someday doctors might be able to use the cells to repair your heart, …