For Father’s Day, Give Your Children a Gift

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Home & FamilyWhen it comes to gift-giving, Father’s Day ranks in last place among holidays, generating $7 billion less in spending than Mother’s Day. Of the average $113.80 spent on gifts, much will be for boring stuff from ties to lawn trimmers. Try giving Mom a gift like that for her day! Perhaps that’s not surprising, considering the pop-culture image of fatherhood. In movies, dads are often goofballs like Adam Sandler and Vince Vaughn. On TV, the popular sitcom “Modern Family” stars …

8 Ways That Grandparents Really Rock!

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CaregivingThis Sunday is National Grandparents Day and to celebrate, I’ve compiled a list of the eight reasons I think grandparents are beyond fabulous: They’re grand role models. This generation of grandparents rocks, but not in a chair on the front porch. Today’s Grandma and Grandpa live more active, interesting lives than any generation before. They’ve been there, done that — and they’ve brought the grandkids T-shirts to prove it. Their values, skills and life experience make them people to look up …

Wanted: Stories of Generosity after World War II

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VolunteeringThis is a guest post by Melanie Mantenieks. Mantenieks is a 2nd generation European American who has a strong interest in humanitarian efforts, geography, travel, and international studies.  She lives in Illinois with her Latvian American boyfriend and three cats. I’m a 2nd generation European American and while I’m not quite old enough to be an AARP member just yet, I’m on a mission to collect untold stories following World War II. I’m looking for stories about the generosity of American families who donated money to …