Are Your Streets Working for You? Part II

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Great PlacesWith today’s post, I want to pick up where I left off last time, when I wrote about bringing a “people first” focus to our streets. Let’s start by celebrating some of the people who are succeeding, which hopefully will embolden you to take up the same cause in your own town. The story I want to share is unfolding in Hamburg, N.Y., where the New York State Department of Transportation proposed major improvements 12 years ago for a one-mile …

Are Your Streets Working for You?

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Great PlacesAmerica is changing politically, socially, demographically and economically — in ways that bode well for active transportation. Increasingly, we’re getting back to a nostalgic view of the street as providing the lifeblood and pulse of a neighborhood. It’s the place where shops and restaurants thrive on customer loyalty; where neighbors catch up and friends interact; where parents walk their kids to school. In essence, streets are reemerging as the fundamental context for placemaking, and it’s a change that comes just …