A Caregiver’s Tips for Managing Medications

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CaregivingAARP and the United Hospital Fund recently released a new study, Home Alone: Family Caregivers Providing Complex Chronic Care, focusing on the types of tasks we family caregivers are performing, and the results are clear: caregiving isn’t what it used to be. Almost half of us (46%) are now performing medical/nursing tasks such as wound care, medication management, operating medical equipment and more. These tasks were once relegated to hospital and nursing facility care, and go far beyond personal care …

Parking Lot Sob-fest: Cleansed by Tears and Renewed by Chocolate

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CaregivingI pulled into the Wal-Mart parking lot, slammed the shift into park and began to sob. The cries came from deep in my belly and slowly worked their way up to my tear-strewn face, emerging messily in a volcanic eruption of tears and snot. Yuck. No tissues in the car, of course. I tried to stop, but it wasn’t happening. And I got loud. I noticed a few people looking at me but I didn’t give a whip. Ahh … …

Marriage Makes Women Drink More, Men Less

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthMarriage seems to have a sobering effect on men, but it’s the opposite with women — they drink more, new research shows. Researchers with the University of Cincinnati report that married women drink more than long-term divorced or recently widowed women. Married men, however, drink less than divorced men. The findings, say some sociological experts, could indicate the stresses in long-term marriages — not surprising, considering the spike in the divorce rate among those over age 50. Lead researcher Corinne …

The Takeaway: Study Shows Stress Decreases With Age

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Bulletin TodayIf you’re feeling more stressed than ever these days, you’re not alone: A scientific analysis of stress over the past 25 years finds that American stress levels increased 18 percent for women and 24 percent for men from 1983-2009. But there’s a silver lining: The study also found that stress decreases as we age.

Caregiving’s Sunny Side

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CaregivingAn un-news flash: Caring for a spouse, parent, other family member or friend can cause mental and physical stress. Frankly, many caregivers would rather be doing anything but. Or would they? A new study from the Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College reveals that older Americans who are highly engaged in caregiving have enhanced well-being. In fact, it rates right up there with paid work, education and training, and volunteering. The study measured levels of engagement in …

Caregivers: Reach Out and Call Someone

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CaregivingIn the same year Margie Harris’s marriage imploded, her elderly mother had a stroke and moved into her San Antonio home. A big enough disaster, but her mother had been living with, and taking care of, Harris’s blind brother. Talk about stress! It turns out, that’s exactly what Harris, 59, wanted to do–talk about stress with other overwhelmed caregivers. But, she had no time to leave the house. Not a problem, thanks to The Caregivers Tele-Connection, a free one-hour telephone program …