When the Brain Stops Working

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Your LifeWe were in a movie theater watching a long and boring subtitled foreign film when it suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t know where I was. Literally. I had been slumped down in my seat day-dreaming about sex and money when the realization flashed into my head like a light globe in a cartoon illustration: I’m lost. I turned to my wife, the perceptive Cinelli, and whispered “Where are we?” She whispered back, “At the Laemmle,” which was the …

The Takeaway: Silent Strokes Can Cause Memory Loss; Talking Life Expectancy With Patients In Good Health

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Bulletin TodayNearly 25 percent of older adults have experienced a silent stroke, according to a new study.

The Takeaway: Surgery to Stop Strokes Doesn’t Work; Appeals Court Upholds Health Care Mandate

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Bulletin TodayDoctors had high hopes for an operation designed to prevent strokes, but a $20 million federal study on the procedure was cut short when it became apparent that it didn’t work. And a conservative-leaning federal appeals court yesterday ruled Barack Obama’s health care law—including the individual mandate—is constitutional.