Nursing Home Hit With $3.3 Million Negligence Verdict

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Bulletin Today | CaregivingEvery now and then, a jury reaches deep into a defendant’s pockets to punish it for its reprehensible conduct and to deter others from engaging in similar acts. Such was the case in May, when a Colorado jury awarded 83-year-old James Sharon and his family $3.3 million after finding the nursing home entrusted with his care guilty of negligence. Sharon’s injuries included bedsores, skin tears and abrasions, dehydration, malnutrition, and E. coli and urinary tract infections — all because he …

Making It Happen

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Your LifeIt’s hard to look suffering in the face. There is nothing pretty, nice or pleasant about it. In a world that tells us image is everything, we try and make life appear as picturesque as possible, yet the realities are unavoidable. Simply turn on the news. As a nation we have recently witnessed earthquakes, hurricanes and a 15 % poverty rate. There are orphans in every city, as well as hunger in every community.  With each passing day things seem …