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Secret to Weight Loss? No Cake After Menopause

Posted on 08/30/2012 by |Personal Health and Well-being | Comments

Bulletin Today | Personal HealthAs if the hot flashes and all the other annoying menopausal symptoms weren’t bad enough, according to new research the real secret to losing those stubborn postmenopausal pounds is to avoid dessert. All dessert. For. Ever. (Pausing now for mass sobbing.) Here’s the latest sad, but telling, research: Women’s metabolism declines after menopause, which makes it difficult to keep from gaining weight no matter how careful you are. Even previously slim women start battling muffin tops and poochy tummies — …

Pick Your Packet: Choosing The Best Sugar Substitute

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthWhich is your favorite sweetener packet –white, pink, blue or yellow? That would be white for regular white sugar, pink for saccharin (Sweet ‘N Low), blue for aspartame (Equal), and yellow for sucralose (Splenda) — the most common ones found in restaurants and used in artificially sweetened drinks. The New York Times recently did a roundup of sugar substitutes, a timely topic in light of the fact that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently proposed a ban on super-sized, 32-ounce …

The Takeaway: 1 In 10 Could Have Diabetes By 2030; The TV, Exercise and Depression Link

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Bulletin TodayAccording to a new report released by International Diabetes Foundation, one in 10 adults worldwide—some 522 million people—could have diabetes by 2030. And a new study of thousands of older women in the United States found those who got the most exercise and watched the least television were the least likely to be diagnosed with depression.