The Takeaway: Is it Summer Already?

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Bulletin TodayFor many parts of the country, it seems like summer arrived today. Don’t panic, there’s still time to lose weight and get in shape. (Get started here.) To folks attempting to start a fad diet this Memorial Day weekend – good luck with that. We’ll be parked right next to the barbecue grill, thankyouverymuch. (Photo courtesy of Flickr user adwriter.) ——————————————— Wow, talk about getting it in early. President Obama doesn’t turn 50 until August 4  – but he’s revealing …

One Perfect Summer Day: The Florida Keys

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TravelThere are two schools of thought on the drive from Miami to Key West: 1. Get there as fast as possible. 2. Experience the amazing landscape and interesting communities along the way. We’ll be taking option #2. Want to up your game a level? Add a convertible, apply some sunscreen and settle in to this four-hour-experience… Off we go! Your first fork in the road at Cardsound Toll Road to Key Largo will get you to Alabama Jack’s, a classic …

More reasons to go outside!

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Personal HealthAt this time of year, all I can seem to think about is getting outside and enjoying the summer while it lasts! This article from the New York Times online just gave me one more reason to want to get out. According to the article and studies done around the world recently, being outside amongst nature, especially trees and plants, may have some amazing health benefits – the most amazing being an increased immune function! I can personally attest to …

Where ya headed this weekend?

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TravelAccording to several news stories, including this one from USA Today, many Americans are hitting the road this weekend! AAA projects that about 34.9 million people are venturing at least 50 miles from home, up 17% from 2009! They also project that 90 percent of those traveling will be traveling by car. The uptick in travel can be attributed to people feeling more confident about their personal finances than they did a year ago – and having probably taken some …

Foodie Friday: Summer Cocktails

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Your LifeIt’s hot outside and you had a long week. Why not treat yourself to a summer cocktail? These Brits show us how it’s done.

Relax! You’re on Vacation!

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TravelSo you’ve planned your summer vacation to the beach, right? Maybe to a theme park with the family? Maybe hiking in the mountains? No matter what you’ve planned for the summertime, did you ever think that you might actually have to make yourself relax? Check out this very interesting article this week from the Wall Street Journal to see what I’m talking about. According to the article (which cites an survey), only 53% of working Americans say they come …