Ground-Turkey Test Finds 90 Percent With Bacteria

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthA Consumer Reports lab analysis of ground-turkey products purchased nationwide found that 90 percent had potentially disease-causing bacteria, some of which were antibiotic-resistant. The consumer watchdog organization said its first investigation of this kind on ground turkey also showed that turkeys raised without antibiotics had much less antibiotic-resistant bacteria than did turkeys raised with antibiotics. The new report follows a February analysis of store-bought meat by Food and Drug Administration scientists that found antibiotic-resistant bacteria in 81 percent of raw …

Meat, Antibiotics And Superbugs: FDA Is (Finally) On The Case

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Personal HealthGuest Post: As AARP’s Sustainability Manager, Pam Evans has led the effort to incorporate environmentally responsible practices into AARP’s internal business operations. She’s passionate about educating members on the importance of responsible use of resources, and the direct connection between the declining health of the environment and the health of our, and future, generations. We’ve probably all heard about ‘superbugs’, those drug-resistant strains of bacteria thought to be caused by the overuse of antibiotics in modern life. I was surprised …

The Takeaway: For Your Consideration

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Bulletin TodayThe death of screen legend Elizabeth Taylor was huge news last week. By this point you’ve read obits, appreciations and remembrances from every major news outlet. As much as you love her, you might be, as one colleague put it, “All Taylored-out.” But allow us to offer one more Taylor appreciation. It offers a rare look inside the life of what some call “The Last Movie Star.” Others You May Have Missed The world of politics lost a pioneer in …