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Power to the People via Family Caregiving Coalitions

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CaregivingWhen I learned about the concept of family caregiving coalitions, what sprung to mind was the Carole King song “You’ve Got a Friend.” I say that in a good way! The famous lyrics are: “When you’re down and troubled and you need some love and care . . .” America’s 65.7 million family caregivers may be an army, but if you’re one of those troops, you can feel alone in the trenches. There’s the ever-changing situation, unpredictability, loss, exhaustion and, …

5 Ways Humor Can Help You Cope With Dementia

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CaregivingBefore she had Alzheimer’s, author Jill McCorkle’s mother was very religious, never cursed or, God forbid, mentioned sex. But McCorkle’s sister called Jill last month. Apparently, their mother was talking nonstop about gonorrhea. She was convinced a lot of the residents in her memory care facility had it “and we all know how they got it,” she repeated. “There are things my mother says that are so out of character and off the wall,” says McCorkle. “I can’t even imagine …

Widowers Stick Together

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CaregivingWhen you’re a man grieving the death of your wife or partner, casseroles just don’t cut it.  They have to deal with their loss and adjust to a different life. In the old days, if you were a guy, you toughed it out by yourself until you “got over” it. Women more typically vent and share their anguish through established venues like support groups. Sure, men can attend too, but often don’t return, finding themselves outnumbered by females and uncomfortable …