The Takeaway: Surgery to Stop Strokes Doesn’t Work; Appeals Court Upholds Health Care Mandate

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Bulletin TodayDoctors had high hopes for an operation designed to prevent strokes, but a $20 million federal study on the procedure was cut short when it became apparent that it didn’t work. And a conservative-leaning federal appeals court yesterday ruled Barack Obama’s health care law—including the individual mandate—is constitutional.

The Takeway: Half of Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana; Would You Trust a Robo-Surgeon?

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Bulletin TodayWhen Gallup first asked about marijuana legalization, in 1969, just 12 percent of Americans favored it. Now 50 percent do, according to a new Gallup poll.

The Takeaway: Seniors Get Unwanted Surgeries; Employees Sue Over 401(k) Losses

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Bulletin TodayA new study published in the British medical journal Lancet says a host of factors, such as Medicare reimbursement, location and the availability of hospital beds, weigh more heavily on a doctor’s decision to operate than a patient’s needs, wants or whether surgery will improve their quality of life. And a growing number of 401(k) plan participants are bringing lawsuits against their employers (who administer the plans) for allowing poorly-performing and/or overly-expensive funds into their retirement portfolios.

The Takeaway: Calculating Risks from Prostate Cancer Treatments, Pot Dispensaries and Obama’s Jobs Plan

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Bulletin TodayProstate Cancer + Treatment = Sexual Dysfunction? Medical Marijuana = Less Crime? Payroll Tax Cut = Bad News for Social Security?

It’s A Miracle!

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Personal Health7 year old Heather McNamara is recovering well after a miraculous and risky surgery.