TV’s Funniest Moments Minus the Laughs

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EntertainmentThat’s what I get for actually planning my weekend around a TV show. After reminding myself for two days not to miss it, I actually sat down in front of the tube to watch Sunday’s NBC special, TV’s Funniest of the Funniest: A Paley Center for Media Special. Who could resist that? The show purported to feature the 30 funniest moments in TV history, and it was curated by the nation’s most esteemed television archive. How could they screw that …

Arsenio Hall Hoping #backisbeautiful

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EntertainmentIt’s been 17 years since Arsenio Hall loomed large on the TV landscape, since his show was a pop culture force, since a visit with Hall was a must for those seeking to reach the “MTV generation.”  He returns in syndication Sept. 9 with The Arsenio Hall Show, 2013 style. “It’s kind of the same Arsenio, you know.  Less hair, less shoulder pads,” he says, his familiar raffish smile in place. Can the same Arsenio work in this radically changed …