What’s Mom Worth? Between $62,985 and $118,905

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Bulletin Today | WorkIt’s difficult to put a price tag on moms (or so we’d like to think). Nevertheless, as Mother’s Day approaches this Sunday, two websites calculated a mom’s worth based on her various jobs around the house. Think top chef, chief accountant, chauffeur and teacher. Using Bureau of Labor Statistics wage data that correlates with those jobs outside the home, said moms are worth $62,985 in 2014. That’s higher than their value last year, which was $59,862. >> Sign up for …

Getting Around Town

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Great PlacesHave you every struggled to get around town?  Many Americans who don’t drive are relying on public transportation to take care of their basic needs — shopping for groceries, banking, picking up prescriptions at the pharmacy, and getting to the nearest doctor’s office. For one town in New York, aging residents are singing the praises of a new transportation program that helps them stay connected to their community. With a population of about 250,000, North Hempstead is New York’s seventh …