A Teacher Who Walked in Her Tiny Students’ Shoes

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Bulletin Today | Your LifeYou can say that Chris Cook is living her past every day. But it’s helping her to prepare a generation for tomorrow. This week, Cook, 49, welcomed nine children to her kindergarten class at the Milton Hershey School, a private boarding school on 2,640 acres in Hershey, Pa. The chocolate titan of the same name started a trust in 1909 to found the school for kids from families in financial and social need. It still covers all expenses of the …

A Handy Trick for Learning to Read

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Volunteering“Aoccdrning to rscheearch…” We all bring different experiences and backgrounds to our reading.  Our comprehension skills, vocabulary and language fluency all factor into what we take away from the series of letters and spaces on the page in front of us.  But the foundations of how we decode those characters comes from our learned ability to translate “letters into sounds” and “sounds into words.” And so, most of us can “read” the subtitle of this blog as “According to research…” …

Within Us All

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VolunteeringA feel-good story from a friend who is donating his time to teach computer programming to middle school students.