Telecommuting: Yahoo Closes Door, Opens Window

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WorkBring up Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer among colleagues or friends, and I dare you to try to have a five-minute conversation. You’ll likely hear jeers, cheers, or both when it comes to Yahoo’s pending ban on full-time and occasional telecommuting. Work-life experts, talk shows, journalists on workplace issues, big and not-so-big bloggers and lots of HR professionals are sounding off. Even celebrity CEOs from Virgin’s Richard Branson (Team Telework) to Donald Trump (Team Marissa) have weighed in. Full-time remote workers …

5 Things Every Work-from-Home Caregiver Must Do

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CaregivingI’m lucky to have an employer that lets me telework so I can be a full-time caregiver for my parents. When I do visit AARP’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., (I live in Florida) my co-workers talk to me about how nice it must be working from home. “You can wear your pajamas all day!” exudes one co-worker. “Yeah, you don’t even have to wear a bra!” exclaims another. I don’t how they dreamed up these crazy ideas but I can assure …