Blessings Near and Far: A Lesson in Honoring Elders

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Your LifeWe arrived with jasmine garlands and two rosettes folded out of Thai baht. We slipped off our sandals and felt the cool, smooth tiles beneath us as we walked toward a woman sitting on her front porch. The woman was my friend Fon’s 90-year-old great grandmother, Chid. Fon had invited us — my friend Jess, my boyfriend Joe and me — to go to the beach, a few hours south of Bangkok. But first, she asked, could we stop to …

Finding Love (& Marriage) After 65. Yes, It Still Happens!

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RelationshipsIt was a warm, humid night on Koh Samui, an island in one of the many seas that make up Thailand. I was there doing research for a book on the world’s most romantic places (Shameless plug alert: Coming soon, “Perfect Places for Passion at Any Age,” for Frommers in collaboration with AARP.) We were staying at a gorgeous resort and after dinner my boyfriend suggested that we walk down to the beach. The white sand, scimitar beach was beautiful …