Mayhem in the Quiet Car

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Your LifeIf you’ve ever taken Amtrak, you may be familiar with the “quiet car.” This car (as recently described in a New York Times article) is a haven from the constant noise, music and conversation that invades many of our lives. I myself am a regular quiet car rider. It’s a usually peaceful experience and I use the time to catch up on research reports or read a book. But every so often we experience an “incident.” The Wednesday before Thanksgiving …

Green Bean Casserole: A 57-Year Love Affair

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthWhat’s one of the most popular Google searches today? Green bean casserole. Yup, right there behind the top search — Black Friday deals — tens of thousands of Americans are scurrying to remember how to make the casserole first devised in 1955. This all-American invention came from the Campbell Soup kitchen, thanks to home economist Dorcas Reilly, whose goal was to come up with a simple dish (using company products, of course) that used as few ingredients as possible. The …

Pumpkin Pie on the Plane and Other Holiday Questions

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthWill airport security let me bring my pie as a carry-on? Can I cook a frozen turkey? Does deep-frying a bird really work? You have holiday questions, we have answers. What food can I take as a carry-on? According to the Transportation Security Administration’s website, these foods are classified as potential threats: cranberry sauce, creamy dips and spreads, gravies, jams, jellies, maple syrup, oils, vinegars, salad dressing, salsa, sauces and soups. The answer to the season’s No. 1 one travel question — …

5 Travel Tips for Thanksgiving Travelers

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TravelThere are a lot of things that come to my mind when the subject of Thanksgiving Day comes my way. I think of my dearly departed grandmother who made the best Thanksgiving Day dinners in the world with nearly everything made from scratch out of her garden. I think of my departed mother-in-law Rita who loved putting on a big Thanksgiving spread and having her family around her. And, I think of my own mother’s pumpkin pie.  Yum. Yum. Yum. …

Let your Expectations of this Upcoming Season Be the Unexpected

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Your LifeHow was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was memorable. Ours was one of the best ever. We all loaded up and headed to Baltimore because the NFL decided the Ravens would play on Thanksgiving night. Now, I was perfectly happy about this scheduling as not only did I not have to cook, I didn’t even have to drive around and pick up food. It was just perfect. I told SJ, “You can either have a game dog or chicken tenders, and …

A Volunteer Memory to Last All Year

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VolunteeringYou are, no doubt, expecting to spend the next three minutes reading about how you should, in this season of thanks and giving, find time to volunteer to help those less fortunate. And, yes, that is one of my themes today. But I also want to suggest something today that – I hope – will help you be a more empathetic and consistent volunteer throughout the year.